WWT Martin Mere

Wildlife Photography workshop

Sat 3 March

An all-day workshop with Andy Bunting from InFocus, winner of the WWT Nikon Photograph of the Year Competition and BIAZA Wildlife in the Wild. The day is designed to help you understand some of the basics of photography and how they relate to your current camera, which will in turn allow you to improve your photographic results. The workshop will look into the three parameters of shutter speed, aperture and iso rating, how they work with one another and how they affect your end results. There will also be a brief tutorial with Adobe Photoshop in order to improve your images after they have been taken.

You will need to bring your Camera, Lens and your camera's manual.

Cost: £65

To book please phone 01704 895181 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm or email info.martinmere@wwt.org.uk