WWT Martin Mere

GIANT Bionic Bugs

Sat 28 July - Sun 2 September

Collect your FREE bug book on arrival and if you can get at least 6 stickers from the following 8 activities you can get your special award at our daily award ceremony at 3.30pm. Everything you need for a buzzing day out!

  • GIANT Bionic Bugs: Meet a 6ft long dragonfly, a 4ft buzzing bee, and a 6ft long hopping grasshopper amongst others, brought to life with state of the art animatronics and sound effects.

  • Take a picture of a real-life bug: Whilst you are out exploring Martin Mere, keep your eyes peeled for butterflies, dragonflies, bees and much more - take as many photos as you can of a real-life bug and show our team of volunteers your best one to get your photography sticker. 

  • Brilliant bug hunt: Explore Plum Wood to see what bugs are hiding. Make sure you look under leaves, branches, logs and peer down murky holes to up close to these amazing creatures. Everyday from 11am - 12.30pm

  • White stork feed: Did you know that white storks eat bugs?  Find out why in the daily talk at 2pm.

  • Canoe safari & boat tours bug trail: Drift along in a boat, or head off exploring in your own canoe, on our watery safari. Look out for 8 bugs hidden away as you glide along (£8 per canoe, seats 3. £3 per boat seat). 
    Click here for further information on the canoe safari and boat tours

  • Record breaking bug action: GIANT Bugs have invaded the World's Largest Bug Hotel in Wild Walk. Can you spot one?
    Click here for further information about Wild Walk

  • Bug-tastic crafts: Make a bug box, little dragonflies or design your own bug in our art competition. Everyday from 1pm tp 4pm

  • Pond exploring: What lies beneath the murky waters of a pond? Grab a net and find out. Who knows what you might discover. Everyday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.