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Lisa Hooper: Wildlife Exhibition

Date: Mon 4 November - Mon 3 February

Lisa Hooper is a wildlife artist who works with a variety of print media. What attracts her to printmaking is the surface quality of the finished prints and the intervention of a craft process between the concept and the image. She also enjoys the process of abstraction which printmaking demands.

Much of Lisa’s work is inspired by the natural world and in it she is attempting to communicate what she sees and feels about it. Sometimes this is what can only be described as the character or essence of a particular bird or species, at other times it might be an attempt to capture pattern or form.

Lisa’s ambition is to produce images that are recognisable, decorative and resonant.She wants people to connect with the observation that she has made about the subject and to empathise with it.

Lisa will be exhibiting some of her work at the centre during the winter - come and see the stunning artwork for yourself. All work will be available to purchase and a percentage of all sales goes back into the centre.