We’re open and looking forward to welcoming you back but please note that everyone needs to book their visit in advance. We’ve made other changes too and restricted or closed some of our experience. Visit the bookings page for details.

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To experience the science of nature first hand head on down to WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre’s: pond zone.

Families can discover the world of ponds through a range of interactive activities

Pond zone room

The pond room has a soft play area where you can turn yourself into a caddis fly, ride a fish, and play our Lily pad leapers floor game.

Pond lab and ponds

We have a series of beautifully planted raised ponds where families get the chance to dip for nymphs, water boatmen and water fleas using nets and trays provided at timed sessions during the summer holiday period.

There are handy identification charts next to each pond so you can put a name to all your watery critters.

However, some of the miniature underwater world can be hard to see so join us in the pond zone laboratory equipped with a special microscope.

Be inspired by our stunning new wildlife pond which comes with handy tips on how to build your own at home.

If you don’t fancy taking the plunge take the chance to lose yourself for a moment in this area of tranquillity as you enjoy the sight of dragonflies dancing over the water.

We provide all the equipment for free for the pond dipping sessions.

Visitors are not permitted to bring their own nets and equipment onto site to ensure the welfare of the creatures.