From birdwatchers to families there is plenty to discover all year round. With experiences to suit all ages offering access to a huge variety of wildlife, it is no surprise we are an award-winning day out!

Tips for making the most of your day

  • Arrive early to avoid the crowds
  • Check the daily walks and talks schedule before you go to make sure you don't miss anything
  • When you arrive, check the information board for updates on what's happening that day
  • Pick up a centre map and day planner on arrival - for free! Or download our leaflet and map now and see all the amazing things you can do. You can identify the outer reaches of the reserve with this map.
  • Birds have ears too! You'll see much more around the site and in hides if you are quiet and approach slowly
  • Don't forget to buy a bag of grain at reception to feed the birds. Grain is better than bread for healthy birds and clear water.

Don't miss

Severn view Sloane observation tower - for a 360°panoramic view of our site take the stairs or the lift up to the top of our tower in the visitor centre. Please note that the Sloane Observation Tower closes at 4:20pm in spring/summer and 3:50pm in autumn/winter.

Feeding the birds - buy some grain at the information desk and experience the magic of hand feeding the ducks and geese here.

Welly boot land - families love splashing around in our outdoor wet playground. Build a dam and spin on the roundabout to change the water flow.

South lake discovery hide - visit our comfy hide which includes all the equipment you need to see wildlife up close. It’s great for families or for those who are just starting out as birdwatchers.

Flamingos - see all six species today, including the striking Caribbeans from the cafe and the amazing displays at Flamingo lagoon.

Scott House Museum - step back in time as you enter the former home of WWT founder Sir Peter Scott. Find out about his life as a conservationist, artist, Olympic sportsman and naval war hero. Book your free tour today

NEW Estuary Tower - coming November 2019.