WWT Slimbridge

Summer Holiday Pondemonium

Thu 26 July - Sun 2 September


Take the family pond dipping this summer holidays with this daily afternoon drop-in activity. Discover all the fascinating creatures beneath the surface of our ponds and learn about their lives across the food chain. Find out how to identify aquatic dragonfly nymphs before they have metamorphosized into the adult dragonflies. Catch stickleback fish and discover how to tell between male and females due to their distinctive colourings. There will be assistance on hand and equipment provided including nets, trays, magnifying glass, and identification guides. 

The activity runs daily for an extended time of 1hr 30 minutes this year from 2-3:30 pm in the Pond Zone. We recommend allowing at least 20 minutes for the activity. No special clothing is required and all equipment is provided.

The activity is included with admission costs.