Wild Winter

Winter is a fantastic time to visit us with up to 30,000 wild ducks, geese, swans and waders wintering here. Look out for the vast flocks of wigeon, teal, lapwing and of course our beautiful Bewick’s swans.

Make the most of this spectacular season

Winter is the best time to visit for wildlife. Use our handy guide to explore the site and see awe-inspiring species, along with our special events, designed to showcase the season.

Latest sightings

Find out which species have made an appearance with our latest sightings, updated regularly by staff and volunteers.

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Seasonal highlights

A visit to WWT Slimbridge is a completely unique experience from one month to the next. Find out what you might see, when you visit.

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Take winter to the next level

Our winter-exclusive events are designed to showcase the best of the season. Spend time with our experts and most iconic species in these focused sessions.

Wild Bird Feed

For the finest close-up views, come along to our DAILY Wild Bird Feed at 4pm in the heated Peng Observatory. Our expert wardens can recognise individual Bewick’s swans because they all have unique bill patterns.

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Duck Decoy Demonstrations

Every Saturday at 2pm experience our Duck Decoy Demonstrations. Witness the age-old practice of catching wild ducks in our duck decoy – once used for hunting, and now used to catch birds for conservation.

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