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There’s no cuter sight than a tiny fluffy chick taking its first wobbly steps, and our duckery is just the place to see it.

It’s here that our aviculture team breeds, hatches and raises some of the most endangered waterbirds on the planet as part of WWT’s conservation breeding programme.

These rare species hail from across the globe and by breeding them at WWT Washington, we are contributing to the long-term survival of species which are otherwise threatened in the wild.

During May half-term, the duckery plays host to our award-winning Downy Duckling Days, where visitors can meet the newest hatchlings in a farmyard petting area.

Children – and big kids! – can even tickle the heads of the young babies as they are held safely in the expert hands of the wardens.

The purpose-built breeding aviary next door to the nursery is also home to a selection of exotic waterbird species, which can be seen throughout the year.