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Swans awake

Date: Sun 17 November

Join our warden before dawn to watch the stunning sight of thousands of swans waking up on the wetlands.

Time: 6am - 9am

Cost: adults £12, children £5 (optional breakfast, £8.60 for a cooked breakfast or £4.35 for a lighter butty breakfast)

Each winter thousands of Bewick's and whooper swans make their winter migration to the UK, to escape colder countries. Bewick's are the smallest and rarest of the three swan species in the UK. Being much more timid than the larger whooper swans they tend to stay away from the swan feeds, so venturing out early gives you the best chance to see them.

The haunting landscape of the Fens fills with the sound of swans calling to one another, their large feet slapping the water as they take off and their wing beats as they pass over head.

During the event access is given to the wildlife photography hide, towards the end of the event the birds on the main lagoon are given their breakfast and then you return to the visitor centre for your breakfast.

Weather permitting.