Below you will find further information about the varied work at WWT and some of the people who work for us.  We have many different departments ranging from Education to Marketing to Species Conservation.


The Conservation Programmes Directorate saves wetlands by focusing on:

  • Science and processes that underpin conservation action
  • Threatened species
  • Threats to wetlands and their wildlife
  • Sustainable livelihoods and wetland benefits
  • Building capacity for others to save wetlands
  • Changing the policies that affect wetlands         

Our conservation team includes many roles e.g. as researchers, data collectors, scientific advisors and project managers.         

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Centre Developments

Centre Developments provide specialist support to WWT's centres in the following areas:

  •   Development of new facilities (visitor centres, hides, exhibits etc)
  •   Habitat creation and extensions of reserves
  •   Animal management and husbandry

Staff working for Centre Developments include graphic designers, exhibit designers, project managers as well as other roles.

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Sir Peter Scott pioneered the notion that delivering conservation education should be uplifting and fun for people of all ages. This core principle is delivered by our Learning department at HQ supported by learning managers and education assistants across our Centres.     

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Support from our members is crucial as they provide nearly a quarter of our total income and help us achieve our mission to raise awareness and inspire others to support the conservation of wetlands and wildfowl.

Our membership team at HQ manage this activity supported by membership recruiters at Centres.       

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WWT relies on donations to carry out its vital research and conservation, to maintain its nine wetland centres and to fund new developments.

The Fundraising team at HQ manages all major fundraising activities at WWT. This includes general, unrestricted donations from individuals, companies and charitable trusts. Legacies are also an incredibly important source of donations also managed by this team. 

In addition, the team secures donations for projects, such as developments at centres, conservation projects and learning programmes. 

Centre Management & Support        

WWT centres offer a unique visitor experience where everyone can enjoy wetland habitats and their wildlife all year round in accessible and comfortable surroundings.

Centre Managers are responsible for running the centre both as a visitor attraction and a thriving conservation wetland. They are supported in doing so by the diverse team they manage which may include roles in learning, marketing, retail, catering, reserves and aviculture, grounds, facilities as well as administrative support.   

Grounds & Reserves  

The grounds and reserves teams are responsible for looking after the birds and other wildlife at our centres. They also manage both the centre grounds and wild reserves. These teams will includes positions such as wardens, aviculturists and horticulturalists.    

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Retail & Catering            

Our retail and catering teams help us to deliver a great customer experience across our centres. They seek to continuously improve their offering not only to benefit our visitors but also directly contributing to the Trust’s income.

At our restaurants and cafes our catering staff deliver a high quality service 364 days of the year as well as for WWT and corporate events, weddings and parties.

Our retail teams across the centres manage our shops and also work closely with marketing to support our membership and fundraising targets. These teams are supported by our trading experts who design the strategy.  


The Marketing team provides leadership, process, support and guidance in all aspects of marketing and communications.

At HQ the Marketing team are responsible for corporate identity, media relations, press releases and media monitoring, publicity including Waterlife magazine, visitor marketing and publications.

We also employ marketing managers at Centres working closely with HQ to support corporate strategy.

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WWT Consulting       

WWT Consulting (WWTC) is the UK’s leading specialist consultancy in wetland creation, restoration, management and visitor centre design. WWTC are the commercial consultancy arm of WWT, undertaking projects for a variety of external clientsand helping to deliver nature conservation targets.

The team work nationally and internationally and all income is donated back to the charity.     

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IT, Human Resources and Finance         

These teams based at HQ Slimbridge provide support services for the whole organisation across the UK and Northern Ireland.

IT supports all the trust staff with the IT tools to perform their roles as well as providing an IT helpdesk and supporting projects to improve our systems.

Finance are responsible for all the legal and financial requirements for WWT operating as a charity as well as processing all financial transactions for WWT, managing all the cash/asset recording and providing the systems and advice to operate efficiently and effectively.

Our HR department help support the Trust by ensuring that all aspects of employment and working at WWT are managed well to ensure we have the right people at the right place, doing the right things at the right time.  

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