Ten Things to Do at Steart Marshes in Summer

Long days and warm nights mean that the natural world barely rests. Summer is all about raising young, growing tall and spreading seeds. Take this opportunity to stop and listen, touch and truly see the wildlife around you. Your local wetland is blossoming with life above and below the surface. Here are some ideas of what to do on our nature reserve in summer.

1. Learn more about wetland flora.
Our wildflower meadows start to blossom and the marshes are dotted with splashes of colour. Dust off your ID guides and get out and about to explore.

2. Embrace the cute!
Spend time watching the antics of lots of fluffy chicks. Close your eyes and listen to the cheeping sounds across the water.

Lapwing WWT.jpg

Lapwing / WWT

3. Enjoy an ice cream.
At weekends in the warmer months, our ice cream bike may come trundling out. Stay updated via our social media channels.

4. Get inspired by our bug hotels.
Take a close look inside our bug hotels and then make your own miniature version at home. Invertebrates are a vital part of nature, providing a source of food for other animals, helping to pollinate plants and recycling nutrients back into the soil.

5. Venture out at dusk.
Watch the sun set over the reserve, keep your eyes open for flashes of movement which reveal bats hunting for insects along the hedgerows, and listen to the sounds of ducks feeding on the wetlands by night.

Sunset@SM Theo Guy.jpg

WWT / Theo Guy

6. Try a new activity.
In the summer holidays we hold pond dipping and willow weaving sessions open to everyone. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for details of upcoming events.

Pond dipping Steart 5 Aug.jpg

WWT / Steart Marshes

7. Pack a picnic.
Head to your favourite spot and put down a rug. Enjoy the view or lay back, close your eyes and relax. There are picnic benches dotted around our reserve or find a spot on the side of a path. Just remember to take your litter home with you.

8. Bring a sketchbook.
If you’ve always wanted to try sketching in the open air, now is the perfect time to start. Choose your spot and wield those pencils.

9. Follow a butterfly.
Greater numbers of butterflies and dragonflies emerge as summer arrives. Follow the meandering journeys of these colourful creatures. Choose a cloudy day if you want them to stay still!

Steart 2015 Common Blue-5100.jpg

Common Blue / WWT / Steart Marshes

10. Make a commitment.
Help us to conserve wetlands and wetlands species in the UK and worldwide. Sign up to volunteer with us on site, book a bespoke guided walk with one of our expert volunteers or join WWT and get free access to all WWT sites in the UK.

Featured image WWT / Sam Stafford