Winter news

Welcome to 2024 at Steart Marshes!

We have had some exciting developments over the past few weeks with the arrival of long awaited new offices on site. The staff were delighted to see the old portacabins craned out in December and we are now setting up to work in a better insulated environment which will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer… also doesn’t leak when it rains which is always a bonus!

Headline picture - wardens Alice, Ronan and Sam celebrate away with the old and in with the new in December.


Wetlands are the Way: Our new strategy to 2030 has recently been released and you can find out more about the strategy and bold new messaging here:

WWT are the charity for wetlands and wildlife. We’re on a mission to restore wetlands because they are a wondrous solution to the problems our world faces. Together we will unlock their power – and help nature burst back to life. Because when wetlands flourish, all life will flourish.

Dates for your diary:

We will be holding two open-door days in 2024 for the local community. The staff team will be on site to answer your questions about WWT Steart Marshes and Bridgwater Bay. Drop-in to the office anytime between 10am and 3pm on Thursdays 21st March and 19th September.

Happy New Year - we hope to see you on site in 2024!

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