WWT Blue Carbon work on Prince of Wales website showcasing top innovations to help combat climate change

A stunning short film showcasing the importance of wetlands with a focus on our blue carbon work at WWT Steart Marshes has been made by the film production branch of HRH Prince Charles’ Sustainable Market Initiative.

Starring WWT’s Chief Executive Sarah Fowler alongside Head of Philanthropy Peter Lee and Steart Reserve Manager Alys Laver, Recovering Wetlands tells the story of why wetlands are so vital to fight climate change as well as to help prevent flooding, increase biodiversity and improve our mental health.

In particular the film focuses on how coastal saltmarsh is incredible for storing carbon but also for biodiversity - and looks at how we can overcome the disconnect between the proven benefit of wetlands and the rate at which they are being created.

The film is aimed at the business community with the objective to inspire leaders to invest in sustainable initiatives like WWT Steart Marshes. In the film, Peter Lee talks about how vital private investment is for the UK to meet its climate targets, while Sarah Fowler states how brilliant business leaders have been at responding to our call for a blue recovery.

The real challenge for us is to turn that interest and curiosity into a plan of action that really delivers and delivers quickly,” she adds.

Recovering Wetlands is hosted on RE:TV’s website and will be shared with business audiences and other influencers.