WWT London Wetland Centre

WWT London Wetland Centre

Queen Elizabeth's Walk
Barnes, London
SW13 9WT

T: 020 8409 4400
F: 020 8409 4401
E: info.london@wwt.org.uk

Opening times

Open 7 days a week, except 25 December.

Summer opening time - from Sunday 30 March 2014 until Saturday 25 October 2014
9.30am to 6pm (last admission 5pm).

Winter opening time - from Sunday 26 October 2014 until Saturday 28 March 2015
9.30am to 5pm (last admission 4pm).

Water's Edge Café:  last orders 4.30pm in winter and 5.30pm in summer
Water's Edge Café:  closes 5.00pm in winter and 6.00pm in summer

Early closing on 24 December (last admission 2pm, centre closes at 3pm

Visitor information and associated terms and conditions of entry

We hope you have a great day with us. Our Wetland Centres are designed to give you an unforgettable experience getting close to nature. Your safety is paramount, as is the safety of the wildlife that visits or lives at our Wetland Centres. To ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day, we have terms and conditions of entry that everyone needs to observe.

1. Visitors are asked to respect the habitats and wildlife of the centre by keeping to the paths and defined tracks at all times and keeping loud noise to a minimum as this may cause stress to wildlife.
2. Contrary to popular belief, birds should not be fed bread as they cannot digest it. Please feed them grain instead  - you will be able to purchase grain at centres where feeding is permitted.
3. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times and please be aware that some of our ponds and lakes are deep. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
4. Safety signs are there for your protection - please obey the signage and do not attempt to go beyond any enclosure barriers. Please do not:
  • Climb on any trees or shrubs
  • Prune or pick any flowers or vegetation
  • Enter any water body
5. The last admission to the Centre is 60 minutes prior to the advertised closing time.
6. Due to the limited availability of car parking spaces, vehicles may only be left for the duration of the visit to the centre.
7. Mobility scooters are very welcome on site. For more information on what we offer for people with disabilities, please see http://www.wwt.org.uk/wetland-centres/london/plan-your-visit/accessibility/
8. Unfortunately we can't allow dogs or pets of any kind on site, with the exception of assistance dogs on duty, as our wildlife may become distressed. Assistance dogs must be kept on the lead and under control and harnesses must state "working or assistance dog". Please ensure any dog waste is removed. If any of our birds/animals behaviour is affected by the presence of your dog, we may have to ask you to move away from the area.
9. So we don't distress our wildlife, we do not allow the following on site:
  • Scooters, bicycles, tricycles, roller skates/blades/wheelies or skateboards
  • Barbecues
  • Footballs or frisbees
10. Pond dipping is not allowed on our wildlife reserve ponds. This is to prevent the spread of invasive non-native plants and the chytridiomycosis disease which affects amphibians. Pond dipping in the grounds may only be undertaken with equipment provided by WWT.
11. In accordance with UK law smoking is prohibited in all buildings (including hides). Visitors who wish to smoke are asked to consider the welfare and comfort of other visitors, especially children, by not smoking in or around picnic areas, play areas or areas where children's activities are being held. In periods of extreme dry weather WWT reserves the right to designate the whole site non-smoking in order to reduce the risk of fire.
12. Photography is permitted on site for personal use only. All commercial/stock library photography, filming, recording, etc. must be agreed in advance with the centre. Please contact the Marketing Department on 020 8409 4400 or email info.london@wwt.org.uk for any commercial filming or photographic enquiries.
13. WWT reserves the right to ask for additional identification to aid proof of membership.

See full terms & conditions