Finalists - Urban Wetland Photographer of the year

Exciting News!

We're thrilled to reveal the talented photographers who have made it to the final round of the Urban Wetland Photographer of the Year competition. They have captured the beauty, diversity and importance of urban wetlands through their lenses.


Wetland Landscape

WL03 The Gull of St Paul's.jpg

Title: Gull of St Paul’s by photographer Luke Sampson @lukesampson1992

Wildlife Behaviour


Title: Parent and Chick by photographer Mike Eaton @mike_eaton99

Unique Moment


Title: Dropping Lunch by photographer Lee Tilley @Leetilleyphotography


WI09 - Feed me! Feed me!.jpg

Title: Feed Me! Feed Me! (Taken in New Zealand) by photographer Roger B. Smith


Smartphone Category Winner  (1).jpg

Title: Common Lizard by photographer Alice Cheetham

The winner will be announced at the end of November.

Watch this space!

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