New Opening Time

From 1 March we will be opening at 10am

From 1 March we will be opening at 10am

The current economic climate is a huge challenge for many organisations and businesses, and especially for charities like WWT, with operating costs greatly increasing in the last year.

We believe that opening our centre slightly later, at 10am rather than from 9.30am, will help us to operate in more a financially sustainable way, while maintaining the high standards rightly expected by our supporters.

To compensate we will stay open until 5.30pm for a longer period of the year, from April to October. We know from supporter feedback that more people wish to visit later in the day, and we may run some special early openings when there is sufficient interest.

We fully appreciate this change will disappoint supporters who love to arrive early, and we are sorry that this step has been made necessary by factors outside of our control.

With that said, our opening times and ways of working are under regular review, and we hope that returning to an earlier opening time may be possible again in the future.

Thank you for your continued support for WWT London Wetland Centre and this amazing habitat in the heart of our capital city.

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