Congratulations to Anna, Winner of The Parents' Directory Poetry Competition

Congratulations to Anna Grant, aged 10 of South London, who has won the 'Mother Earth' themed poetry competition in partnership with The Parents' Directory.

The competition launched in the Spring/Summer edition of The Parents' Directory, asking children to write a poem based on the theme of 'Mother Earth'.

With a global focus now on climate change and the effect this will have on our children and future generations to come, school children worldwide are voicing their concerns. Along with the concerns about the dangers of plastic in our oceans highlighted by recent TV coverage, more emphasis is now being given to these subjects in schools with organised projects where kids can get involved and do their bit.

The poetry competition was designed to give children the opportunity to air their feelings via poetry about these very relevant issues.

Anna's prize is a family day out our Centre. Have a read of Anna's thought provoking entry below.

Help the Animals (an acrostic poem)

By Anna N. G. – aged 10

Hungry and facing extinction

Every animal is threatened by our emissions,

Lots of them are dying while,

People just keep buying.

The animals are bleeding.

Humans, they just keep stealing,

Everything they want, they take.

A hound, a horse, a bull, a drake,

Nothing will be left,

If we don’t stop this theft,

Millions of trees no longer grow,

Animals have nowhere to go,

Lots of things are gone forever,

So why can’t we change our lives for the better?