Coronavirus: We have made the difficult decision to close all of our wetland centres. Please see our latest statement here.

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To our supporters - a message from our Chief Operating Officer

Posted on 23 Mar 2020

Dear supporter

I want to say thank you for your continued support and I’m sorry that we’ve had to close our wetland centres to visitors for the time being.

We desperately wanted to stay open as a sanctuary of calm, but we could no longer keep them open safely, the health of our staff, volunteers and visitors being our primary concern.

If you’re a member, you’re supporting us in the best possible way. Thank you. Your membership does so much more than help us run our Wetland Centres. Our conservation work protects wetlands, wildlife and people’s wellbeing all round the world. Keeping your membership going ensures we are here in the future to continue that work.

We recognise that this is a worrying time for all of us, and some of you are facing financial uncertainty. For those members we are looking at what we can do to help address this. Please bear with us while we work through this as quickly as possible. We will keep you updated via our website and email. In the meantime, we have frozen our membership prices and we hope that this will provide some relief.

If you’re not a member, please consider joining us if you can

Behind the scenes, our work continues. A small team of experts continues to care for our animals during this period. Rest assured, that conservation remains at the heart of what we do. We will continue to lobby Government for more robust environmental laws and greater funds for natural flood management schemes to protect our communities.

Although you may not be able to visit our wetland centres for now, over the coming weeks we will keep them virtually accessible to you via our website and social media feeds. We aim to provide you with updates from behind the scenes, and hints and tips on how you can support and connect with nature during these unusual times. Hopefully we’ll help fill some of the gap caused by the current restrictions.

Please bear with us. You are on our minds.

Kevin Peberdy
Chief Operating Officer