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23 May 2017

Come and visit a zoo with a difference this half term

Come and visit our Grass Animal Zoo this May half term, from Saturday 27 May until Sunday 4 June. The display includes a bear and giraffe, a hippo and a camel.  Discover which of the eight animals live in wetlands and which of them can go for days without water!

For instance, hippos love water so much that their name means ‘river horse’ in Greek. But camels can go for days without drinking, and their droppings are so dry they can be used as fuel to make fires!

Some of the animals are life size – and some of them dwarf their real life cousins!  The animals are all located in the grounds of our beautiful nature reserve where you can also see real wetland creatures such as ducks, otters, water voles and dragonflies.

There will be plenty of ducklings for you to spot, waddling after their mothers, and kids will love the adventure play zone.

The Grass Animal Zoo is free to see with paid admission to the centre.

The grass animals are made by Easigrass.