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Welcome to a wonderful piece of magic - the WWT London Wetland Centre in Barnes. I hope it rubs off on you, that you go away fired with enthusiasm. Gardens are the sharp end of conservation, they’re the sharp end of places like this which have brought the countryside into the town and brought the birds to the people.
Alan Titchmarsh, Gardener, TV presenter and novelist

Sustainable gardens

The sustainable gardens at London Wetland Centre are not only beautiful, they’re also inspiring. Stroll among them to enjoy the bright swathes of colour that the plants and shrubs create as they bloom from spring into autumn. We hope you’ll go away eager to create or improve your own patch of foliage, whether in a single flower pot on your window sill or by introducing fresh ideas into your own garden.

The RBC Rain Garden provides an arresting vista with a wildflower meadow, a cascade of ‘rain gardens’, green roof planting, a stream with lush, bold vegetation along its edges and a rocky ‘dry’ stream.

(video by Ben Mullins)