It is time to discover your wellbeing!

London Wetlands Centre is a place where you can take time out for yourself.

Discover a magical urban wetland and allow your troubles to ebb away

London Wetlands Centre is a place where you can take time out for yourself. A place where areas of outstanding beauty work with you to make you feel rejuvenated and full of renewed confidence in your abilities. A place where the only thing you need to think about is how you are feeling in that particular moment.

Gently strolling along the water’s edge provides a welcome sensation of peace and tranquillity, and the surrounding countryside naturally soothes away the daily stresses of city life. Just watching the playful otters and colourful birdlife will ignite your inner calm and remind you that we don’t always have to take life so seriously.


The nature reserve, meadows, gardens, and hides offer the perfect observation points, enabling you to learn how other species tackle the world, and how they solve their daily problems. You’ll soon find the synergies and begin to see the world through a fresh pair of eyes.

We all need somewhere to de-stress; to unwind and feel alive.


There’s no rush to do anything. Absorb the natural beauty and wildlife at your own pace… you’ll have plenty of time, with no one trying to hurry you. The wetland and its plethora of treasures is there for you; and there’s enough space to make you feel free, without feeling deserted.

And, at the end of such an inspirational day, take some time to indulge your imagination over a hot drink and favourite snack, all in the comfort of our warm and cosy Kingfisher Kitchen Cafe.

If you haven’t worked it out already, it’s time to discover your wellbeing.

It’s time to discover London Wetlands Centre.

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