World Wetlands Day 2022

World Wetlands Day 2022

We need to love, cherish and restore our amazing, natural wetlands.

This February 2 sees the 25th World Wetlands Day.

The day provides a crucial reminder that our wetlands are sadly disappearing three times faster than our rainforests, and our planet’s biodiversity is in steady decline. Please join us in raising awareness of this ecological plight, and help us stop its progression.

From the mangroves of Bangladesh, to the floodplains of Bolivia and everywhere in between, the wetlands provide an essential habitat for 1,000s of wildlife species. But frightenedly, this natural environment has continued to decline over the centuries. In fact, in the years between 1970 – 2015 alone, we have lost 35% of our global wetlands.

This not only upsets a valuable ecosystem, but is instrumental in raising carbon and methane emissions, making a significant contribution towards global warming. It means that water becomes scarcer, food is harder to grow, and exposure to flooding and extreme weather events increase.

In a huge city such as London, an urban wetland is especially important. Its role in creating a healthier environment shouldn’t be taken for granted. It eases the threat of flooding, helps to slow down climate change, and provides a habitat for wildlife to thrive and grow.

At The London Wetland Centre, you can even encounter some of the more vulnerable and endangered wildlife, such as Hawaiian geese, White-headed ducks, and Asian small-clawed otters.

If you would like to support this important cause and learn more about biodiverse habitats and the animal species that live here, the London Wetland Centre would be a truly amazing place to visit.

With so much of our planet’s natural resources being depleted, and so many of our animal species being so close to extinction, we are running out of time. Our organisation relies on people becoming involved and getting behind our valuable work.

Come and explore the natural wetland, meet the wildlife, and learn about our mission to preserve the urban wetlands. We can’t do any of it without your support.

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