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23 Dec 2016

Give a goose a fat chance this Christmas

Posted in Latest news

Festive cooks can do something good for Britain’s wildlife this Christmas Day, without even leaving the family kitchen.

You can give Britain’s wetland wildlife the gift of clean water simply by leaving the roasting juices from your Christmas meal to cool and solidify then scrape them into a bin – rather than pouring them down the sink while they’re still hot and runny.

This stops the juices and fat solidifying in sewers instead, which can block sewers and cause them to overflow into our rivers and wetlands and pollute the water for our wildlife.

Peter Morris of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) said:

“The best place for most fats and grease is the bin, with oil and meat juices sealed as best as possible before going in”.

“Nature lovers may be tempted to compost the fat and oil, or put it out for wild birds instead. But it can be quite harmful, it’s not like specialised fat ball products for birds and large amounts can go rancid in compost piles – so the best place to put it on Christmas Day is in the bin.”

If Christmas inspires you to help protect wildlife by stopping pipes getting blocked in the new year, then why not look into installing a grease trap into your outpipe? Or look at the various gardening websites and forums for ideas about disposing of fat, oil and grease. Your local river and wetland wildlife will appreciate it!