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14 Apr 2017

Wed 12 – Fri 14 Sightings

Mallard ducklings by Jamie MacCallum

Look out  for mallard duckling and greylag goslings now hatching out around the reserve.

Friday 14 April

Ramsar & Sand Martin hide: lapwing, shelduck, greylag geese, black-headed gull, shoveler, Canada geese, pochard, teal, tufted duck, gadwall, mallard,

Lapwing hide: lapwing, mallard, greylag geese, Canada geese

Scrape hide: teal, Canada geese, black-headed gull, tufted duck, shelduck

Arun Riverlife: mallard, tufted duck, pochard, shelduck

Reserve & Grounds: buzzard, blue tit, dunnock, tufted duck, Canada geese, mute swan, great tit, goldfinch, shelduck, chaffinch, gadwall

 Thursday 13 April

Lapwing hide: lapwing, teal, Canada geese, shoveler, greylag geese

Ramsar & Sand Martin hide: oystercatcher, tufted duck, Canada geese, black-headed gull, lapwing, shoveler, greylag geese, Med. gull, gadwall, mallard, tufted duck

Wetlands Discovery: pochard, mallard, tufted duck, Canada geese, greylag geese

Arun Riverlife: pochard, tufted duck, mallard, Canada geese, black-headed gull

Woodland Loop: blue tit, dunnock, coal tit , great spotted woodpecker, great tit, chaffinch, robin

Reserve & Grounds: goldfinch, dunnock,

Reedbed hide: Cetti’s warbler, water vole

Wed 12 April

Wetlands Discovery: 6 Canada geese, 9 greylag geese, 5 ochard, 6 tufted duck, 2 gadwall, wren

Lapwing hide: 4 Canada geese, mallard, 3 lapwing, 2 shoveler, 3 teal, Cetti’s warbler

Ramsar & Sand Martin hide: black-headed gull, lapwing, greylag geese, Med. gull, Canada geese, 6 shoveler, 2 gadwall, 4 shelduck

Scrape hide: 2 oystercatcher, 5 tufted duck, 4 Canada geese, 3 gadwall, 1 mute swan, chiff chaff, great tit, 7 shoveler, 4 teal, 2 shelduck, 1 Grey heron, Cetti’s warbler

Reedbed hide: reed bunting, sedge warbler

Reedbed boardwalk: goldfinch, snipe, gadwall, chiff chaff

Woodland Loop: robin, dunnock, blue tit, coal tit , great tit, blackbird, mandarin duck, chaffinch, mallard, reed bunting

Arun Riverlife: lapwing, pochard, Med. gull, tufted duck, black-headed gull, shelduck, Reserve & Grounds: peregrine, goldfinch, swallow, buzzard, reed bunting, mute swan, robin, Cetti’s warbler, sedge warbler, blue tit, great tit,