Discover the Melodies: Explore our New Sound Garden!

Calling all families!! During your visit to WWT London Wetland Centre this summer, make sure you uncover the delights of our new sound garden.

Located on the South Route opposite Pond Zone, this enchanting space lets you connect with nature and invites you to tune in to your senses, creating moments of joy and mindfulness.

Unleash Your Musical Spirit

With new outdoor instruments and a dedicated quiet reading hut, this space has something for everyone. Let your musical imagination soar with our bamboo glockenspiel and find your own rhythm on our giant tube drum panel.

Discover the Wildlife Orchestra

Listen closely as you explore. The sound garden is a haven for curious creatures. Catch the buzzing bees and the delightful hum of other insect pollinators as they flit from flower to flower It's a nature-inspired chorus!

The sound garden joins our other child-friendly highlights such as the exciting wild walk- a maze of balance beams and rope bridges through the reedbed, and our much-loved adventure playground with its wet play shower feature, a perfect spot to cool off on a hot summer day!

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