Wildlife sightings for 24th June 2022


1 Green Sandpiper - scrape/marsh

4 Common Tern - main lake, reservoir lagoon

2 Oystercatcher + chicks - main lake raft

1 Hobby - over marsh, reservoir lagoon

Reed Warbler (55 singing birds), Cetti's Warbler (10), Reed Bunting (6), Sedge Warbler (4), Chiffchaff (3) and Blackcap (19) all singing around the reserve.

Flowering plants: Great Burnet, Salad Burnet, Agrimony, Bee Orchid, Southern Marsh Orchid, Pyramidal Orchid, Cut-leaved Crane's-bill, Dove's-foot Crane's-bill, Goat's Beard, Yellow Rattle, Bugle, Herb Robert, Ox-eye Daisy, Bramble, Common Vetch, Tufted Vetch, Grass Vetchling, Dog Rose, Elder, Common Mallow, Birds-foot Trefoil, Deptford Pink, Beaked Hawksbeard, Smooth Hawksbeard, Creeping Cinquefoil, Red Campion, White Water Lily, Flowering Rush, Arrowhead, Knapweed, Yellow Bartsia, Meadow-rue, Purple-Loosestrife, Yellow Loosestrife, Square-stalked St John's Wort, Marsh Woundwort, Betony, Cat's Ear, Pond Sedges, Club-rushes, Bristly Ox-tongue, Hawkweed Ox-tongue, Rough Hawkbit.

Butterflies: Brimstone, Small White, Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Marbled White, Peacock, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Holly Blue, Common Blue, Speckled Wood, Painted Lady, Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Red Admiral.

Dragonflies/Damselflies: Four-spotted Chaser, Norfolk Hawker, Broad-Bodied Chaser, Black-Tailed Skimmer, Hairy Dragonfly, Emperor, Common Blue Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Banded Demoiselle, Large Red Damselfly.

Other insects: Alder Leaf Beetle, Willow Leaf Beetle, Poplar Leaf Beetle, Wasp Beetle, Yellow Longhorn Beetle, Thick-Legged Flower Beetle, Buff-tailed Bumblebee, Ruby-Tailed Wasp, Green Lacewing, Red-headed Cardinal Beetle, Cinnabar Moth, Yellow Underwing, Mother Shipton, Yellow-barred Longhorn, Silver Y.