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02 Dec 2016

Have you been to an evening swan feed yet?

Badger at the floodlit swan feed

Badger at the floodlit swan feed

The evening floodlit swan feeds are the best chance to see large numbers of swans at a feed, as the swans have returned from the surrounding fields where they have spent the day feeding.  It is often where you can easily spot some of our leg-ringed individuals and learn more about their lives.

But this week there is an additional participant at the feeds in the shape of a badger.  This cheeky chap has been pinching the grain put out for the swans, so we have given it some peanuts so that the two can happily have their supper without disturbing one another.  If you have never seen a badger, this is a great opportunity to get some close views whilst also admiring the swans who have travelled from slgithly further afield to be here for the winter!