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14 Dec 2016

Leho arrives home for Christmas

Leho the GPS tagged Bewick's swan

Leho the GPS tagged Bewick’s swan

Earlier this month a second GPS tagged Bewick’s swan, Leho, arrived back at WWT Welney.  She is the third GPS tagged Bewick’s swan to arrive back in the UK after Daisy Clarke and Maisie.  Maisie winters further West at our WWT Slimbridge centre, she made a fleeting stop off on the Ouse Washes but was in a hurry to get home so didn’t wait for us to spot her!

Leho has joined the 1,200 Bewick’s swans that are now home for winter on the Ouse Washes.  Alongside 7,000 whooper swans, these birds are using the wetland habitat to roost on at night and the surrounding arable land to feed on during the day.  As you travel to the centre there are several large flocks at places like Prickwillow, Pymoor, Coveney and Tipps End as well as a large flock along Hundred Foot Bank (the road the visitor centre is on) so it is worth looking out for them on your way.

All three of these swans have done incredibly well to have reached the UK, avoiding many threats and using the safety of healthy wetlands along the way to rest and refuel.  You can read all about Leho’s migration here on the Flight of The Swans website – Leho arrives home for Christmas.