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14 Jun 2017

Wildlife sightings – 14/06/2017

AM mid tide

Wader Lake

Kestrel 1 adult and 3 juvenile

Little ringed plover 2

Black-tailed godwit 1

Oystercatcher 1

Avocet 23 adults and 21 chicks

Shoveler 3

Shelduck 26

Common tern 90+


Hawthorn Wood feeding station

Great-spotted woodpecker 2

Chaffinch 7

Robin 3

Great tit 5

Blue tit 13

Jay 2

Bullfinch 11



Male kestrel on Old Oak Meadow

A green woodpecker flying over Old Oak Meadow (possibly nesting over the river from our reserve)

Two great-spotted woodpecker at Spring Gill

Male ferruginous duck on the white-headed duck pond


Other wildlife species

Two roe deer

Smooth newt


Carder bee

Early bumblebee

Tree bumblebee

Azure damselfly

Blue-tailed damselfly