Discover our incredible woodlands, bursting with life all year round!


With its statuesque old trees, bubbling stream and nooks and crannies filled with birds, bats and insect life, ancient Spring Gill Wood is a unique spot on site. Wander alongside carpets of bluebells in spring and atmospheric mature woodland all year round.

Over in Hollowood, our carefully managed deadwood habitat, you can learn more about just how easily life can thrive in tree stumps, dead branches and old wood.

More than 5,000 native British species rely on deadwood for survival at some stage in their life cycle. In fact, just one square metre of this increasingly rare habitat can support up to one million insects at any one time! Join us during the school holidays in spring and summer for a mini-beast hunts, which allow visitors to get closer to nature by exploring, examining and identifying the creatures that they unearth.