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04 Jun 2017

Wading birds hatch out summer chicks

Little ringed plover and chicks by Peter Ward     .

Despite the news that the black-winged stilt pair did not manage to successfully raise their chicks, there are other wading birds who are faring better on the reserve.

Avocet and little ringed plover chicks are the easiest to view as they use the islands in front of the hides on which to nest.  At present there is a pair of little ringed plover with chicks and several pairs of avocets with chicks at the Friends hide.  Further avocets and chicks can be seen at Lyle hide.  The main lagoon is home to three sets of avocet chicks and another pair of little ringed plover.

If you look for adult lapwing and redshank amongst the grasses around the pools you may be rewarded by getting glimpses of their chicks.

Avocet pair and chicks Peter Ward     .