Spotlight on our revamped amphibian ponds

Our reserve warden John and his team of dedicated volunteers have been working hard down at the amphibian ponds for the past few months, creating new habitat and revamping what was already there. Check out the fruits of their labour!

A common darter basks in the autumn sunshine on one of the logs that marks out the path.









This is one of three hibernaculums that have been created to provide a place for amphibians to stay over winter.







This is the original amphibian pond. A further 10 have now been created around the area thanks to the hard work of John and his volunteers.










Great crested and smooth newts have both been found in this pond. You can't make them out in this photo but there were two newtlets visible on the day this was taken - honest!








The perfect place to sit and relax while watching the wild world go by.









The view from the Wader Lake end of the amphibian ponds...









...and the view from the dragonfly pond.