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CALL & COLLECT - Shop animal care products

Posted on 11 Nov 2020

We know that many of our visitors would like to continue to buy their garden animal feed from us while the gift shop is closed, which helps support our conservation work. So, in line with current government retail restrictions, we're offering a call and collect service for our animal care range. Ordering information and available products are listed below: (top tip - turn landscape if viewing on a smart phone to see the images too!)

  • You can place an order between 11am & 3.30pm Monday – Friday (as we are working with reduced staffing, we are unable to take orders outside of these times).
  • Please call 0191 416 5454 to place your order. We may need to call you back but please bear with us.
  • Please have the details of the card you would like to pay with ready as we will take payment over the phone.
  • Tell us which date and time you would like to collect your order so we can ensure it is ready for you.
  • We're unable to offer delivery.

Don't forget that you can find some of our most popular WWT items, gifts and toys on our online store, which still supports the conservation work we do throughout WWT >

Product Price Description
Sunflower hearts.jpg

Sunflower Hearts

2Kg £8.00

4Kg £14.50

  • Exceptionally high energy.
  • Valuable source of nutrition.
  • Suitable for feeders, and tables or ground in dry weather.
High energy mix.jpg

High Energy Mix

2Kg £5.75

4Kg £10.50

  • High calorific value.
  • Ideal for year-round feeding.
  • Free flowing; won't clog tubular feeders.
  • Seed husks protect against moisture.
  • For feeders, bird tables and ground feeding.
High energy husk free.jpg

High Energy Mix Husk Free

2Kg £7.50

4Kg £13.50

  • Ultra high calorific value.
  • No husks means more calories per kilo.
  • Greatly reduces mess beneath feeder.
  • Use all year round in feeders and on covered bird tables.
Niger seed.jpg

Niger Seed

2Kg £8.50

4Kg £14.75

  • Popular with goldfinches and other bird species.Oil-rich nutrition all year round.
  • Nutritious, popular and highly versatile.
Peanuts 2.jpg

Premium Peanuts

2Kg £10.00

4Kg £19.00

  • They’re easy to feed and offer high energy.
  • Oil-rich nutrition all year round.
  • Nutritious, popular and highly versatile.
  • Popular with a wide range of species.
Sunflower seeds.jpg

Sunflower Seeds

4Kg £10.00

  • Exceptionally high energy.
  • Ideal for year-round feeding with little or no waste.
  • Suitable for feeders, tables or ground.
Suet cakes.jpg

Suet Cake - High Energy

340g £2.75

Suet cakes available in 3 flavours:

  • High Energy Seed
  • Insect
  • Fruit, Berries & Nuts
Suet cakes 3 pack.jpg

Suet Cakes - Pack Of 3

3 x 340g £7.50

Pack of 3 suet cakes in mixed flavours


Tubcakes 800G

800g £5.25

Tubcakes available in 5 flavours:

  • Insect
  • Fruit, berries & nuts
  • Raisins & nuts
  • Peanut & seed
  • High Energy seed
Flutter butter singles.jpg

Flutter Butter

330g £3.25

Flutter Butter® in 3 flavours: Original, Fruity or Buggy

  • Each jar contains 330g of Flutter Butter
  • Compatible with the Flutter Butter® Feeder and Flutter Butter® De Luxe Feeder
  • Empty jars readily recyclable
Flutter butter triple.jpg

Flutter Butter Pod - Triple Pack

3 x 170g £5.00

Flutter Butter® triple pack in 3 flavours: Original, Fruity or Buggy

  • Pods come in packs of three
  • Each Pod contains 170g of Flutter Butter
  • Compatible with all Flutter Butter® feeders
  • Empty Pods recyclable and great for storing bits and bobs
I love hedgehogs.jpg

I Love Hedgehogs 500G

500g £5.25

  • High energy formulation complements hedgehogs’ natural diet
  • Offer all year round, especially during breeding season from April/May
  • Best offered on the ground or in a shallow bowl
  • Features convenient stay-fresh foil pouch
I heart robins.jpg

I Love Robins 2Kg

2Kg £15.75

  • Specialist formulation delivers extra protein and energy
  • Perfect for winter and year-round feeding
  • Not suitable for tubular feeders
  • Supplied in a stay-fresh foil pouch

Dried Mealworm 100g

100g £4.00

  • New larger sizes
  • Easier to store than live mealworms
  • Great source of protein