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Fungi survey - Nov 2020

Posted on 16 Nov 2020

Fungi is fascinating, and it's literally everywhere you look, especially in woodlands and damp outdoor areas. Our team have recently undertaken a fungus survey around our site and among the common fungi that we see quite regularly such as common and shaggy inkcap, there have been some fantastic highlights including jelly babies, parrot waxcap and poison pipe - what incredibly wonderful names!

Here's the full results and counts from our recent survey:

Location Count
Clouded Funnel 60
Bonnet 1
Tough shank 3
Grey Knight 2
South Wood
Parachute 1
Scaly Webcap 20+
Scaly webcap (end of life) 10
Poison Pipe 3
Snapping Bonnet 2
Brown Mottlegill 6
Grey Knight 12
Wrinkled Shield 3
Hawthorn Wood
Shield Dappling 20+
Snapping Bonnet 2
White Bonnet 2
Deer Shield 2
Middle Wood
Grey Knight 47
Wrinkled Shield 10
Bolete 1
Olive Brittlegill 4
Saffron Milkcap 2
Scaly Web Cap 9
Shaggy Ink cap 2
Common Inkcap 12
Saffron Milkcap
False Saffron Milkcap 4
Grey Knight 17
Ashen Knight 43
Shaggy Ink cap 3