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11 Oct 2017

It’s all about the trees

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If you’ve visited us recently you might have noticed some of our trees getting a bit of a haircut.

Just as a garden needs constant maintenance and care to thrive, so do our woodlands.

When WWT Washington first opened its doors more than 40 years ago there were very few trees on site, so they were planted to improve the habitat for our birds and other wildlife.

Now those trees need regular thinning to allow the woodlands to continue to grow well, while invasive species also need to be managed.

It’s only with this constant, careful management – via felling, coppicing and planting – that we have the beautiful, diverse woodland you see today.

Many of the trees we’re removing are non-native and will be replaced with suitable native species such as oak, birch and hawthorn.

And the ones we fell don’t go to waste. Oh no! Because not only do well-maintained woodlands provide vital habitats for a wide range of flora and fauna, they also gift us…

…logs to create and enrich habitats for birds, mammals, amphibians and insects;

…branches for dead-hedging;

…chipped small branches for mulch around saplings;

…leftover sawdust for our composting toilet;

And much, much more…

So here’s to our precious woodlands, the staff and volunteers that work hard to manage them and all the wildlife that thrives because of them!