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04 Jul 2018

Solar-powered flamingo house nears completion

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Remember back in autumn 2017 when we made a bid to the Marks and Spencer Energy Fund to install solar panels to our flamingo house? And after a huge wave of support following an online campaign (which saw local landmark Penshaw Monument turn pink!) we only went and won it!?

Well, despite a challenging start to the year weather wise (thanks Beast from the East), we’ve finally finished the preparatory works we needed to do in the exhibit and this week the amazing Advanced Renewable Power Ltd (ARP) are installing the panels themselves.

And with this glorious sunshine due to continue, we’re thinking we could power a small city, never mind heating and extraction for the flamingo house! So exciting!

Dare we hope for baby flamingos this summer? It may be ambitious, given that the birds have been a wee bit unsettled while we’ve worked on their enclosure, but it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility.

Special thanks to Sharon at Enviro UK Consultants Limited (as always!) for her huge help with the project.