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28 Nov 2018

Wildlife sightings – 28/11/18

Wader Lake (AM, mid-high tide):

Shoveler (three male and one female) 4

Shelduck 14

Teal 18

Water rail (Paddy Fleming Hide) 1

Tufted duck 35


Saline lagoon (AM, mid-high tide):

Teal 28

Redshank 1


Hawthorn Wood feeding station:

Great-spotted woodpecker (two male, two female) 4

Great tit 5

Blue tit 5

Coal tit 2

Bullfinch 3

Robin 1

Willow tit 1


Elsewhere on site:

Long-tailed tit in Hawthorn Wood 4

Tufted duck at the reservoir 36

Redwing in the orchard 5 and on Wader Lake footpath 4

Kestrel (male) on Wader Lake footpath 1

Jay at the amphibian ponds 1

Redwing at Hunters Creek 22

Grey heron on the River Wear 1