Handfeeding is on hold. Due to ongoing Avian Influenza restrictions, visitors are not allowed to feed our birds. Sorry for any disappointment this causes, and thank you for your continuing support. It means the world to us!

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Explore our collection and meet some of nature’s most exciting and exotic ducks, geese and swans


Children (and grown-ups!) will love to hand feed our spectacular ducks, geese and swans, marvel over the colourful collection of Caribbean flamingos, and discover all sorts of amazing birds and wildlife.

In our daring outdoor adventure playground, Explore, laugh as you leap across mini mud swamps, walk the ropes, balance along beams and hop around like a fearless frog. Race to the wishing well, tiptoe past the Wetland Wizard’s hut, rustle through the reeds, make some noise with our outdoor instruments and see if you’re brave enough to tackle the ‘adventurer route’. Don’t forget your wellies on rainy days!

Playing alongside the beautiful ducks and geese right by the visitor centre, children love to swing, slide and scramble in our fabulous flamingo-themed sandy play area, Flamingo Bay.

Don’t forget to head out to our wetland nature reserve and take on the challenge of our Swan’s Nest Maze and have endless fun crawling through the winding tunnels of Water Vole City.