Can't handle this UK heatwave? Chill out in the wetlands!

With the heat still rising across the country, let the cooling wetlands of WWT Llanelli help bring your temperature down this summer.

Make the most of our peaceful willow-lined paths, lush meadows, and whispering reedbeds. Take in the views of sparkling ponds, tranquil lagoons, and the beautiful estuary across to The Gower.

As you explore, marvel at swooping swallows, swifts and sand martins as they feast on insects and skim across the water's surface. Spend some time with an iced coffee in one of our shaded hides – you never know what wetland wildlife you might see!


Best of all, your visit to our wetland reserve won’t just cool you down – by supporting WWT Llanelli you’ll also be contributing to our work creating and restoring more wetlands to help cool the whole planet.

Visitor Becky said she was visiting WWT Llanelli to cool off. “I've felt trapped in this hot weather at home, coming here has been so peaceful and refreshing. There are so many great areas to catch the breeze in and enjoy the shade. Just to be away from people and noise has helped, to be honest. Watching the ducks preening and splashing has been wonderful. I'm feeling so much better now!"


WWT Llanelli’s Learning Manager Sarah Mitchell said: “What better place to be in this hot weather than by the tranquil waters of our wetland reserve? As well as shady walks, we’ve got a fantastic canoe safari to enjoy – imagine paddling gently between the reeds, trailing your hands in the water as you enjoy the peaceful scenery and wetland wildlife."

“And not forgetting the children of course – let them enjoy themselves close to watery wetland nature, in our exciting Explore play area surrounded by reeds and trees, or build a den together in the cool shade of Wiggly Wood."

Read more about the canoe safari here.

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