Your best summer EVER

Summer can sometimes seem like an endless discussion about what to do as a family over the long school holidays.

If you're looking for new experiences, valuable time outdoors in nature, and a local location with something for everyone - look no further. We've got you covered for unforgettable family days out all year long, and our excellent value WWT memberships mean you can save money.

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Read on for our top summer highlights for families. Trust us; there's something here for everyone!

Drawn to Water: Quentin Blake at WWT

Reimagine the wonder of wetlands and nature through the eyes of the UK’s best-loved illustrator. Collect an illustrated guide full of Quentin Blake’s drawings and journey around our wonderful wetland world this summer.

We’ve got a whole host of art and illustration activities aimed at all ages and abilities, with new events and activities to enjoy throughout the year. Full info on what's coming up here.

Quentin Blake illustration of a person standing in a lake with binoculars and a bird on their head

Summer wildlife highlights

Bejewelled dragonflies and damselflies of all colours zoom across the paths and ponds, and brilliant butterflies flutter from one beautiful wetland wildflower to another. On the glistening ponds and lagoons, this year's fledged birds continue to grow and make their way in life.

lizard body.JPG

On warm days, lizards and slow worms bask in the sun, soaking up the heat and taking advantage of the buffet of insects that thrive at this time of year.

On the third Saturday of every month, we have our Walk with a Warden. Venture out onto the wetland nature reserve with friendly expert guidance on hand to help you spot some of the season's best highlights. Get insider wildlife tips and all of your questions answered. You'll learn how to look for the subtle signs and tracks you may never have noticed before and how to identify a broad range of different species. Upcoming walk information can be found here.


Brighten up any day with a visit to our fabulous flock of Caribbean flamingos.


A noisy crowd of hot coral-pink, these statuesque birds really stand out. Visitors flock to see our flamboyance of Caribbean flamingos every summer, but there's more to these birds than supermodel good looks and fancy feathers!

We'll have a flamingo talk every day this summer holiday to shine a spotlight on our group of more than 60 birds and give you all of the gossip from the flock. With super-complicated friendship circles, preening routines, feeding styles, and even dance moves - there's so much to know! And that's before we even mention how much work goes into caring for these wetland wonders.

Your WWT guide will be on hand to talk more about this year's flamingo chicks and individual older birds (some are over 40 years old!) and answer any questions you might have. Any at all! There will be cool facts, breeding news and even a real flamingo egg! We'll also set up the scope so you can get a good look at the birds in their finest plumage as they prepare to nest and hatch this year's adorable fluffy flamingo chicks. Zoom in on the pink marvels as they jostle, bicker and display special behaviours.


Weekends - 1 pm
Weekdays - 2.30 pm
Saturday 22 July to Monday 4 September. Meet at the Flamingo House.


Daily nature activities

There's something new to try on every visit to Llanelli Wetland Centre.

Pond dipping, moth mornings, marvellous minibeasts, wildlife-friendly crafts, family birdwatching and more will be running on alternate days this summer, with a different session every morning and afternoon (22 July - 4 September). Full schedule here.

Family pond dipping

Take a look at the What's On board to see what's happening when you visit. All activities are included in admission, with a small donation suggested for the craft materials.

Feeding Frenzy

Join the keepers as they feed all of the different species of birds that live on the top pond. With different diets to cater for and feeding techniques on display, there's a lot of commotion to enjoy as everyone grabs their meal!

Male and female Eider ducks

Meet by the Flamingo Bay play area at 3.30 pm and watch as all of the birds gather for the arrival of their afternoon food. With lots of excited quacks, calls, and happy honks, you can't help but smile at their waddling and jostling.

They're always joined by lots of chaotic Black-headed Gulls, Mallards, and Shelducks in a flap, so you can really feel the frenzy as they try to pinch food from the pond. As the birds eat, listen to their hurried dabbling and splashes.

It's an unmissable dinner date, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the birds and what they're eating.


Weekends (Saturday 17 June - Sunday 16 July) - 3.30 pm
Daily (Saturday 22 July to Monday 4 September) - 3.30 pm

Wild play areas

You'll always have a new favourite spot to visit and enjoy here at WWT Llanelli.

For energetic adventurers, we've got plenty of exciting outdoor play areas to conquer. Run to the super-wild Explore play area and challenge friends and family to a race through the obstacle course. Can you get the fastest time? Great fun in any weather - the muddier, the better, we say!

Children playing in Wiggly Wood

There are more traditional play areas, too, including Flamingo Bay - and we've also got giant nests and dens waiting to be built in the shade of Wiggly Wood.

Over on the reserve, there are giant tunnels through grassy banks for you to crawl through in Water Vole City. Past the Canoe Safari hut, there's Swan's Nest Maze. Will you be able to find your way to the centre of the twisty-turny maze to see the ginormous swan's eggs? More importantly, will you be able to find your way back out? Good luck!

Go on a watery wetland safari!

Head out on one of our canoes and try to spot wetland wildlife as you paddle along.

Family on a wetland canoe safari

Look out for majestic swan parents leading their growing cygnets, a flash of blue from a kingfisher, jewel-coloured dragonflies and damselflies, and if you're really lucky - maybe even a water vole!

Canoe hire is not included in admission and costs £12.50 per canoe. Children must be over five, and all children must be accompanied by an adult. Terms and conditions apply. More info about our canoes and BRAND NEW Canoe Taxi service here.


Saturday 22 July to Monday 4 September.

Wetlands don't just make a great place to visit, they are essential for life

They provide water, food or habitat for almost all species, including over a billion of us humans.

What's more, as effective carbon stores and natural flood defences, they are one of our best protectors against climate change and its disastrous effects.

And yet, wetlands are disappearing three times faster than forests – 35% have disappeared since 1970.

So yes, by becoming a member, you enjoy free visits 363 days a year to WWT Llanelli and our nine sister sites across the UK, plus a host of fantastic events, but best of all, you are also helping protect and restore vital wetlands for generations to come. Isn't that amazing!?

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