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Virtual wildlife spotting

Posted on 17 Feb 2021

There's something very reassuring and comforting about the continuity of nature.

Take some time out of your day to relax and enjoy watching hungry birds quickly flit back and forth from one of our most popular feeding stations by the marsh woodland.

Robins, blackbirds, tits, thrushes, chaffinches, great spotted woodpeckers, siskins and more have all been spotted feeding over the last few days, grateful for some easy calories in the cold weather.

At night foxes, mice and water voles have been seen cautiously investigating the area and, as we move tantalisingly closer to spring, there are sure to be more and more nocturnal visitors as creatures like hedgehogs become active again.

Quiet your mind and gaze out over the saltmarsh from the viewing tower camera to unwind and watch the clouds move across the landscape as the light changes throughout the day. Time it right and you might catch the phenomenal sunrises and sunsets that we're lucky enough to see here.

Keep your eyes peeled and look out for flocks of waders like lapwing and knot, families of geese, egrets and more as they travel back and forth between feeding and roosting sites. Towards dusk, hundreds of chattering jackdaws flock together as they head home for the night to discuss the day's business. There's nothing like listening to the wetlands to soothe your soul.

Please let us know if you spot any unusual visitors and email us with your sightings!