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Recent Wildlife Sightings 27th April - 3rd May

Highlights: Lesser Whitethroat, Great Crested Grebe, Nuthatch, Green-Veined White Butterfly

Much of the wildlife has sensibly been sheltering from the relentless rain this week, but that hasn't stopped the skilful songsters around the reserve from reminding us that they're still here.

Highlights: Lesser Whitethroat, Great Crested Grebe, Nuthatch, Green-Veined White Butterfly

Behind the Visitor Centre, familiar favourites like Greenfinch have been happily pecking away at the feeders, but darting back to cover when they realise they've forgotten their umbrella! The population of Greenfinch in the UK has been up and down over recent decades, but their susceptibility to Trichomonosis (a disease that prevents birds from being able to feed properly) has meant they are now classified as a Red species on Birds of Conservation Concern.

Joining the numerous finches, a hungry Nuthatch has been seen regularly snacking on the peanuts from the feeders. Often seen clinging to trees upside down, these woodland dwelling birds are amusing to watch, but can be somewhat elusive as they hop around deep amongst the trees.

The chatter of ticking, scratching and rattling from the visiting warblers was still audible over the pitter-patter of rain on the leaves. Despite typically just passing through and spending only a short period on the reserve, several Grasshopper Warbler stuck around over the past week in the shrubs behind the Visitor Centre. A Lesser Whitethroat spent a few days in the bushes near Boardwalk Hide as well, seemingly in no rush to head off to breed elsewhere.

More visitors have been treated to the displaying Great Crested Grebe on Deep Water Lake, with some excellent photos shared by Mike Isaac, available to view here. Good numbers of Swallow have been zipping about above the pools of Saline Lagoon and Dafen Scrapes, with nearly 30 being seen one day. Over on Freshwater Lagoon, the two Little Ringed Plover appeared to be investigating nesting sites. One early sign of breeding that visitors noticed was how defensive the pair were being, seen flapping away both Common Sandpiper and a Greenshank.

Despite the everlasting rainfall, some butterflies managed to spread their wings during the very brief sunny spells we had this week. Favouring damp areas, the Green-Veined White Butterfly that were spotted were some of the few creatures that had good fortune with the weather. These butterflies will likely be seen resting with open wings, making it difficult to see the bold green veins of their underwing for which they are named, but a little patience will give you a view of these distinctive markings.

Featured Photo Credit: Mike Isaac

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