The east side of our site will be closed as we carry out essential erosion works at Window on the Wear, including installing riverbank defences. This work starts on Monday 13 January for approx 3 weeks.



Get set for 103 adventure-filled acres of wildlife. Spend some quality time with our beautiful ducks and geese, discover new wildlife in our hides and go wild in our adventure playground.

Meet our wildlife superstars

Go nose-to-beak with some of nature's most exciting animals

Adorable otters and fabulous flamingos

Our Asian short-clawed otter family are real crowd-pleasers, playing chase in their pool, juggling pebbles and squeaking ‘hello’. Feeding time is a splash – come see their antics twice daily. Next, flock to our Chilean flamingos and discover the facts behind those bright feathers, why their knees bend ‘backwards’ and see their fluffy youngsters!

Classy cranes and woodland bird wonders

With their long legs and black and white plumes, marvel as Eurasian cranes dance and preen in easy view of our café. These graceful birds were once extinct as a breeding species in the UK. Visit Hawthorn Wood to catch a glimpse of bullfinches and great-spotted woodpeckers, regulars at our feeding station in winter months.

Delightful ducks and gorgeous geese

We’ve a host of friendly ducks and geese ready to feed from your hand, including the gentle nene, the ruddy shelduck, and the unmistakable red-breasted goose. Winter is a great time to come and see them up close - they're always a little more hungry!

Play, explore, connect

Wild hands-on discovery for all ages

Playscape adventure playground

Scramble nets, swings and climbing frames make this adventure playground a mini explorer’s paradise, perfect for kids of all ages. Looking for more fun? Enjoy an exciting array of activities and trails throughout the year.

Uncover amazing habitats

Hawthorn Wood is now a sanctuary for woodland birds such as bullfinch, long-tailed tits and great-spotted woodpeckers who flit and flee from tree to feeders.

Working wetland garden

Inspiring. Educational. This award-winning sustainable space is somewhere to be explored or just ‘be’. At its heart is a recycled Waterlab, guiding rainfall into the garden’s pools and channels, helping produce waves of vibrant summer flowers and attracting incredible wildlife guests.

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