Away from the lakes you'll find our feeding stations, buzzing with woodland birds.


The feeding station at Hawthorn Wood is a magical place, with unrivalled close-up views of colourful woodland birds, including bullfinch, long-tailed tit, great-spotted woodpecker and treecreeper.

Cold winter weather sends them flocking to the fat balls and nut feeders in huge numbers, while in spring, they are busy nesting and raising young. Come summer, juvenile birds can be seen exploring and testing their wings.

The hide overlooking the feeding station is fully accessible with large windows and detailed ID charts; an ideal place for wildlife watching beginners.


Along the path from Hawthorn Wood Hide is The Lookout birdspotting screen. Watch red-listed willow tit flitting between bird feeders and natural perches, along with dunnock, nuthatch and others. A great spot for photographic opportunities, as well as some peaceful time spent in nature.