Our flamingos will be out between 10.30am and 3pm throughout the winter. During adverse weather, we may need to pop them away - please call the centre after 9.30am to check they are out before your visit.


Our family of Asian short-clawed otters are some of our most popular residents.

Parents Mimi and Musa have done a sterling job of raising their youngsters, many of whom have now moved on and had families of their own!

Ruby - born in May 2015 and now living at Peak Wildlife Park.

Tod, Pip, Sam and Ash - born in March 2016 and now living at WWT London Wetland Centre (Tod), WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre (Pip, soon to be moving to a new home!), Banham Zoo (Sam) and Blackpool Zoo (Ash).

Buster, Rita, Irene and Shirley - born in March 2017. Buster is living here at WWT Washington with his parents, but Rita, Irene and Shirley are all now at Hemsley Conservation Centre.

The happy family can be seen throughout the day going for swims, rolling around in mud, juggling pebbles on their tummies and greeting their adoring public with squeaky cries.

Join us for daily commentated feeds at 11.30am and 2:30pm, when our expert wardens can tell you more about these fascinating mustelids (which roughly translates as ‘smelly animals’!).

Asian short-clawed otters are the smallest of all 13 species of otter and a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List.