Wader Lake is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, which changes with the seasons and is easy to watch from one of four lake-side hides.

In early spring, red-listed lapwing breed on Wader Meadow and visitors can see one of the UK’s largest nesting grey heron colonies displaying in the heron hedge.

Baby chicks abound in the hazy days of summer, with young common tern playing in the mudflats at the lake edge alongside regionally rare avocet juveniles.

When autumn arrives, visitors can enjoy the unforgettable sights and sounds of nature on the move, as wading birds heading south stop to refuel. Highlights include greenshank, black-tailed godwit, ruff, whimbrel and snipe.

In winter, 1,000+ curlew swoop down to roost at dusk with redshank and teal – one of the largest inland freshwater curlew roosts in the UK.