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Window on the Wear - Essential works

Posted on 10 Jan 2020

Did you know that, despite being around 5 miles from the sea, the section of the river Wear at our site is still tidal? This brings huge benefits in that many coastal species, including grey seals and wading birds which feed on the mud along the estuary make the trip inland along the river corridor. It does also mean that there is quite some power in the river and, over the past few years this has eroded the bank at our Window on the Wear.

The time has now come to remedy this, to prevent losing our site to the river. Our reserve team have been planning these works for over 2 years, working alongside contractors and Natural England to devise a suitable long term solution, which protects the site for both visitors and the rich tapestry of wildlife that uses this area. It’s a significant challenge, involving some heavy machinery, so we will need to close the east of site for around 3 weeks to make sure we can work quickly and safely.

Whenever we undertake any remedial works, large or small, we consider whether they offer us the opportunity to add value and we’re pleased that the design we have decided on will improve the habitat for a number of species including the wild Eurasian otters and great crested newts we are so lucky to attract.

We do apologise for this short term restriction of access but are confident that, once the works are completed, visits here will be enhanced for every individual using this area.