This autumn...join us, join our cause

Black-tailed godwit Wader Lake WWT.JPG

Autumn is a wonderful time to explore WWT Washington.

As a member, you can visit as often as you like all year round and each time you do, you’ll see the difference you’re making.

This season, why not join us and…

…spend some quiet time in our waterside hides, soaking in the sights and sounds of migratory birds – large-scale nature on the move and at its most visceral.

…let the kids crunch fallen leaves underfoot, jump n splashy puddles and turn dropped pine cones or sticks into play things.

…look for ducks going into breeding plumage and dramatically displaying to impress a mate.

…see changing colours and evolving landscapes on a wander around our wild reserve.

…watch our playful Asian short-clawed otters frolicking and foraging in the autumn sunshine.

Hand-feeding WWT.jpgWetlands are not only spectacular to visit at this time of year, they’re also lifelines, providing water, food or habitat for almost all species, including over a billion of us humans.

What’s more, as carbon stores and natural flood defenders, they are one of our best protectors against climate change and its disastrous effects. And yet, wetlands are disappearing three times faster than forests – 35% have disappeared since 1970.

So yes, by becoming a member you enjoy free visits 364 days a year to all 10 of our beautiful wetland sites, plus a host of fantastic events.

But, you are also helping protect and restore wetlands for generations to come. Isn't that amazing!?

If you’re already part of our family, we thank you so much. If you think you might want to be, head here and let’s restore our planet’s wetland ecosystems together.