Will you discover What Lurks Beneath this October!?

What Lurks Beneath this October at WWT Washington

From the feathered and furred to the slimy and scaly - we love all species that call wetlands home. But are you brave enough to explore the weird and wonderful side of wetland nature on our ALL NEW interactive trail this October, where you’ll uncover amazing facts and face tricky tests along the way? We dare you to find out!

Plus, visit the interactive Pond Zone, where you’ll search for water snails, water boatmen, great diving beetles and their formidable larvae and more! Our friendly team will show you how to safely catch and ID your finds before carefully releasing them back into the water.

  • Both events are included in admission and no need to book
  • What Lurks Beneath interactive trail runs throughout the day from Monday 2-Sunday 31 October, 10am-5.30pm, last admission 4.30pm
  • Pond dipping runs from 1pm - 2.30pm on Saturday 23, Monday 25 and Wednesday 27 October