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Get set for 1300 adventure-filled acres of wildlife. Welney offers the perfect setting to create lasting memories, from the main observatory fully equipped to give you an introduction to wetlands and bird watching to the wilds of the summer walk.

Meet our wildlife superstars

Go nose-to-beak with some of nature's most exciting animals

Black-tailed godwit

From March black-tailed godwits are returning to breed, find out about how we are working to protect this wetland specialist of the Fens. Enjoy listening to their wickering calls as they pair up and set about raising their young.

Breeding birds

From March to June watch a variety of birds displaying to prospective partners and raise their chicks, ducklings and cygnets. Highlights include shoveler, garganey, avocet, little ringed plover and common tern.

Passage migrants

The long-distance travels of many birds species mean that you never know what you might encounter out on the reserve. Ringed plover, greenshank, sandpipers, terns and ruff use our wetlands as a refuelling stop before continuing with their journeys.

A day of discovery

We offer the perfect setting for you to create lasting memories. Whether you're new to wildlife or well practiced at connecting with nature, have a brilliant day at Welney Wetland Centre.

A great day out

use our explorer backpacks to have close encounters with minibeasts and spot birds. From April try your hand at pond dipping, no need to bring a net as the equipment is all provided.Find out more.

Bird feeding stations

Be entertained by the flurry of activity around the bird feeders whilst you enjoy your lunch from the comfort of the Wigeon Cafe. Find out more.

Lady Fen

Enjoy elevated views across Lady Fen, and take in the spectacle of our winter wildlife. Find out more.

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