The Ouse Washes are currently flooded after recent high rainfall, our main hides are closed but flooding is dropping daily. Swan feeds and hare walk are still running as normal. We will post further updates as access improves.



Get set for 1000 adventure-filled acres of wildlife. Welney offers the perfect setting to create lasting memories as you explore the great outdoors.

Meet our wildlife superstars

Go nose-to-beak with some of nature's most exciting animals

Swan spectacle

See all three species of UK swan. Experience our exciting wild swan feeds from the comfort of the main hide. Watch the birds gathering on the water awaiting the swan feeder and their wheelbarrow. Find out more.


From November to February join us on a hare walk to get closer to these charismatic mammals. Find out more.

Winter wildfowl and waders

Enjoy flocks of wigeon, teal, lapwing, golden plover and black-tailed godwit by the thousand or pick out sought after species such as Bewick's swans, bean geese, pintail, goldeneye and scaup.

A day of discovery

We offer the perfect setting for you to create lasting memories. Whether you're new to wildlife or well practiced at connecting with nature, have a brilliant day at Welney Wetland Centre.

A great day out

Visit the interactive swan research station to find out about our ringed swans and their migrations. Enjoy the commentated wild swan feeds from the main hide. Find out more.

Bird feeding stations

Be entertained by the flurry of activity around the bird feeders whilst you enjoy your lunch from the comfort of the Wigeon Cafe. Find out more.

Lady Fen

Enjoy elevated views across Lady Fen, and take in the spectacle of our winter wildlife. Find out more.

Wildlife photography hide

Book time in our photography hide to gain eye-level access to the birds on the main lagoon. Get within a matter of feet of whooper swans, mute swans, pochard, tufted duck and mallard. Find out more.

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